How to motivate yourself in the morning

I’m not a morning person and sleep deprivation was my biggest concern about becoming a mother. I lost sleep worrying about it. haha I love my naps. I am slower than molasses when rolling out of bed in the morning.

Here are some tricks that have helped motivate me to start my day as a SAHM:

Coffee first

My husband gets up before I do and starts the coffee. I eventually wander in and pour myself a cup. I go to the couch and quietly sit there drinking my mug of coffee creamer. I’ll use this time to pray, go over my to-do list, or often zone out. Nothing else happens during this time — I’m just trying to wake up.

If you’re not a coffee drinker there are a lot of yummy green teas that you can add a variety of different sugars or sugar substitutes to. I personally love Jasmine green teas.


I use the restroom, help my toddler potty, and get him a quick breakfast (fruit, oatmeal, toast & jam, cereal, bagel, or yogurt). I’m usually never hungry but sometimes I’ll have toast or a banana and take my morning supplements.

Get dressed

I choose pants appropriate for housework matched with a pretty blouse. I love pants that have some stretch for all the bending and lifting that will happen throughout the day.

Socks and Shoes

This is essential and I thank the fly lady for introducing me to this concept. Socks and shoes propel you into the working mindset. It can’t be slippers. Shoes get you ready to work indoors or out. I have found that I am reluctant to work in the kitchen if my floors are sticky or have mystery wet spots (which is a constant state of being with a toddler), but I don’t mind at all when I have my shoes on. I am a huge fan of slip-on shoes and they’re cheap at wal-mart. They last a couple years for me even when worn for yard work.20170310_103213

In the same vein I have found that wearing an apron gets me ready for work, too. I don’t have to worry about getting my clothes wet or dirty – the apron is my “armor.” My aprons all have pockets for carrying around those odds and ends when my hands are full.


Teeth, face, hair

I don’t have a beauty routine to speak of; I never wear make-up. This step takes me just a couple minutes. Putting my hair back in a braid or ponytail makes me feel ready for working, too. I feel presentable. I love washing my face with facial cleansing cloths like this one:


And I’m ready to start the day! I typically tackle the biggest/ugliest job first and that’s usually the kitchen or laundry for us. 🙂




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