How we used Craigslist when unemployed

I do like buying stuff but I get a certain thrill when purging things from our home. It’s therapeutic. Last week I started throwing out junk and posting other things with earning potential on craigslist and ebay:

Old queen bed — $40

New twin bed — $80

12 lbs toddler books –$30

10 lbs Little Golden books — $11

Hey… we got someone to pay us to haul away our two beds. The polite young men who picked up the queen wouldn’t even let me unscrew the bolts on the frame for them.

Every little bit helps to offset the cost of moving later this month.

I sold a lot back when my husband and I were unemployed for a year. I funded my entire cloth diaper system with my craigslist income. A year or so prior to baby, a friend had given us a professional keyboard. We sold that for $400. My folding exercise bike went for $80. The juicer I never used for $40. A couple cast iron skillets I refurbished for $20-30. This gave us the funding for a simple diapering system, breastfeeding supplies, crib, and a mini apartment washer (story on that later).

1. Start a pile

I can always find something to sell, donate, or throw away. I encourage you to start a little pile. Leave the pile sitting there for a few days if you’re unsure — it’ll be easier to make a decision after a few days of thinking on it.

2. Be honest

Be honest in your ad description. It’s really embarrassing to have to explain to potential buyers why the item doesn’t hold up to your online description. Take pictures from different angles, list the weight, measurements, age of item, or give a size comparison for reference. Having said all that, it’s also necessary to be succinct in your description — most people aren’t going to read paragraph after paragraph.

3. Price where you want

Don’t think you have to set low prices. Ask for what you want. You can always go back and adjust the price if it’s not selling quickly enough for you. And in my experience most potential buyers want to negotiate on the price, so I make up for that setting the price slightly higher than what I want for it.

4. List home conditions

Mention the living-environment conditions of your home. For example: pet-free, smoke-free, clean home.




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