Month Zero {0}

We’re in escrow. Our first home in our 9.5 years of marriage. About time you say? haha We married with…

$8000 student loan

$6000 used car loan

$2000 credit card

 …all paid off our first year on a small double income. Sweet relief.

We saved saved saved for 6 years. And then baby boy happened.

I couldn’t handle — didn’t want — to start working full time again. So I quit and stayed home with the ball of squish and nannied when I could. My husband was laid off the same time my job ended. We spent the next year job-less and watching our $55,000 in savings bleed money on pricey coastal California rent and even pricier grad school tuition (for him).

Fast forward two years and we have about $30,000 in savings again. We’re buying a $125,000 town home and putting 20% down. Sellers are contributing nearly $4000 towards closing costs. The interest rate is a high 5.25% because we chose to use the GSFA Platinum program which gave us 5% towards the down payment.

Our goal?


No way are we going to be in debt for the next 30 years. Why not just 2-6? Anyone else out there doing this?

Our current monthly payment estimate (we’re still in escrow, right?) for principal + interest + taxes + hazard insurance is $699/mo for 30 years.

We are incredibly blessed to live across the street from my husband’s work, so that means NO commuter costs. We do have the added $265/mo HOA expense, but that covers necessary things like water, sewer, trash, and security that we’d be paying for either way.

It’s March 8th 2017 and we’ll close in 2-3 weeks, hopefully sooner. Follow me as we start this journey towards mortgage- (and rent-) free living.


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